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judas was creepy as fuck


Personal space, Judas. It’s a thing.

"Hello, Jesus."
"…Judas, we’ve talked about this."





does anybody else think tired and sleepy mean two totally different things

sleepy is cute and dozing off and happy but tired is 10 cups of coffee and murder


Sleepy is before the nap, tired is after waking up

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Anyone who thinks Shakespeare is boring apparently missed the greatest stage direction ever written:


I want that to be the final line of my biography.

let’s not forget about this gem from macbeth


and, of course, from henry v


ah, the leeks.

Guys are we forgetting Titus Andronicus or



did shakespeare just make a ”your mom” joke



Imagine Blaine coming home after kissing Kurt for the first time and he can’t believe he actually did that and he can’t believe Kurt actually kissed him back and he lays on his bed and kind of just





Have u ever just sat back and actually thought about how much fucking gay porn you’ve read


you must be on a different website than the rest of us


Still the funniest thing Glee has ever done. Kudos to the actors who truly nailed it! I wish there was a gifset of everyone else as well!

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warm up sketch
Skank!Kurt who can’t handle Nerd!Blaine’s cute bowties and uses his bowties being “badly tied” as an excuse to touch him.


warm up sketch

Skank!Kurt who can’t handle Nerd!Blaine’s cute bowties and uses his bowties being “badly tied” as an excuse to touch him.





"bonnie was as captivated as a little mating songbird by the bright plumage of her born nestmate"

yeah even after re-reading this bit for like the tenth time born nestmate sitll sounds an awful lot like soulmate me to me


Which is followed by a kiss and this:

For a long, long moment the kiss held and Bonnie couldn’t think at all, but only feel and be. It was as if she were flying; there was a breathless rush and surge inside her and around her. She knew that this wondrous flight was changing her forever, that from now until eternity, she would always be a part of …

These two are not only soulmates, but are so endgame it’s not even funny; you don’t drop changing forever and eternity on a ship that ain’t soulmates or endgame.

and there this before the kiss 

"don’t think" damon mumured "Redbird dont think. just…be." 

and then later he talks about how kissing bonnie was an impulse. everything between bonnie and damon has been described as something instinctive and natural (let us not forget his almost instinctive anger at the hospital when he thought bonnie had been hurt). I mean to have a couple like that where most of their scenes have this natural, instinctive quality to them when you have your other main couple in the same book is basically made of lies and is the result of an compulsion says alot to me tbh

It seems like those two would be together, but the situation with Elena is keeping them apart; this coupled with Bastion coming in will force Damon to choose between keeping up the lie with Elena or a future with Bonnie.


sorry parent i cant do anything you want me to do as the cat has chosen my lap to be cute on so I must stay completely still until the cute has left of its own volition or I will be cursed to never be loved by a cat again


anon prompted: skank!kurt and nerd!blaine

(warnings for dumb jocks being homophobic and bullying)

The bell signalling the end of lunch rang eight minutes ago, and Blaine still isn’t in his history class.

He shuffles through the rest of his papers and straightens them as fast as he can, willing himself not to take the time to make sure everything’s in the right place and arranged by date. His folder is waiting open on the table, and he slides the pile in quickly, snapping it shut and shoving it into his bag.

It’s not his fault he’s late for class. Mr Carter held him back after math to congratulate him on his 100% score on the latest test, and while he appreciated the recognition, he only had fifteen minutes for lunch before he had to head to the chemistry department to run his 9th Grade tutor group. And then of course one of the slightly less bright students stayed after to ask about valence electrons, which meant finishing late again and therefore not being on time for history class.

It also really doesn’t help that the chemistry department is on the complete opposite side of the school from history. He jogs down the empty corridors, bag bouncing against his side, and briefly considers changing over his books at his locker before deciding that he definitely does not have enough time.

He turns down the corridor past the Spanish rooms and immediately squeaks to a halt because—

Karofsky and his gang of thuggish jocks are standing at the far end, and they don’t look happy. Unfortunately, they see him immediately, one hand clasping his bag strap as he freezes on the spot.

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